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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harmonious Health and Happiness

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted about Sally Sue! I'm sure you were all waiting for the next post about sweet Sally Sue (eye roll) so here it is!

Sally started to not feel well during May. I rushed her to the e-vet (thank you All Valley Meridian for an amazing 24/7 hospital), but they couldn't pinpoint why her tummy hurt. X-rays and lab work were normal. They gave her a woozie-doozie poke full of painkillers and sent her home. After a week or so, she just wasn't perking up to her usual self, and I continued to be concerned. She was extra lazy (more so than her usual sleep-on-the-bed-round-the-clock self), and kept groaning when I picked her up. I popped her into Dr. Pilcher at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital in Caldwell, and once again, her lab work showed nothing amiss. However, he and I both suspected that she had pyometra (a uterine infection). Since I was planning on spaying her anyway, we opted for the next day. Sure enough, after the surgery was over, Dr. Pilcher confirmed that the beginnings of pyometra were present.

Now only a week after her surgery, I am happy to report that Miss Sally Sue is rapidly returning to her happy, bouncy, playful self. She is SUCH a joy. How many people can say that there is someone in their life who is happy ALL of the time?! Well, I can! Her name is Sally Sue; pug extraordinaire!

Sally Sue will be attending the pug play group this Saturday, so she will get to run and play and snort with many other curly-tailed friends.

It's fantastic to have her health and happiness in harmony.