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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A day in the life of Miss Sally Sue

Seven a.m. rolls around and Suzy Snoozy is still snoozing. I get up and get my son off to school, and there are no interruptions to her blissful piggy dreams. I crawl back into bed and try to catch a few more zzzs myself, and she barely grunts as I slide in beside her. Mind you, she is dead center in the middle of the bed, so I form myself to fit her little round self. We sleep for about another hour, sometimes two if we're lucky, and then the puggy baby needs to go out and go poddy. Then it is time for her vegan breakfast (she is allergic to animal proteins). For the remainder of the day, her skills amount to holding down the couch, keeping the bed covers warm, screaming at Mom for leaving the house, and using the grass as her bathroom. She is spoiled, adored, and she deserves every second of her pampering because she serves willingly for others as she performs Pet Therapy. The delight that crosses a child's face as they hurriedly choose a story to read to her..the relief patients in the hospital exhibit when she waddles into the room, the smiles she evokes for every human soul who crosses her path...priceless. And, last but not least, the joy she brings to me is beyond measure. So...spoil the little girl? Absolutely.
For every blessed day that she is with me, I will.