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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a quick update on Sally Sue: she is snoring sweetly on the couch next to me as I smile over pictures of her on the computer. She is such a doll. She is always delighted when I come home from anywhere (even if I just went out to check the mail), and she thinks I am the BEST. At Pet Therapy last week, someone exclaimed that pugs were the ugliest dogs ever! I and my visitng partner, Jenn (who also has a pug: Mr. Quincy) and I were taken aback. Jenn said, "What? Ohhhh noooo, pugs are the cutest!" We didn't quite know how to respond! After we left the area, we hugged our dogs.

Please don't say my dog is ugly, even if you are thinking it. Just keep that WRONG opinion to yourSelf!

Much love!

Liz and Sally Sue (THE cutest dog in the universe, THANK YOU very MUCH)

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