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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bicycle Buddy

Trying to be healthy, I got a new bike this year. It is a Specialized and more conducive to street riding than my old Raleigh mountain bike. My husband took it into the shop for new tires,a tune-up, and a basket for my little road buddy, Sally Sue! I made a cover for it, and she sits in the basket while I ride my bike (she is harnessed in for safety!). We have so much fun! Her ears flap in the wind and she smells everything and looks around. She is so cute! For her, riding in the basket is the ultimate "head out the window" experience! I just wish I could find a little doggy bike helmet for her added safety! Oh, how I love my precious piggy girl! I'm so lucky to have her sweetness in my life.


  1. that is pretty cute. she needs a more personalized cover though, one that doesn't read "towels" lol. we can't hardly take our dog on bike rides, she is so big and likes to run in FRONT of the bikes. that so does not work. have to tell you though my 4 year old has fallen in love with a pug down the street. i think she is stalking the poor guy to see when he is out walking it. she calls him snorty. lol

  2. Ride, Sally, Ride! :0). Too cute!