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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Go faster, Mommy!

Today Sally's helmet came in the mail! I was so excited to try it on her and go for a ride. It looks so cute; unfortunately, it slips off her head very easily. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping it in place? I bought it to really protect her head in the event of a little bicycle crash, but if it is slipping off while doing nothing it certainly isn't going to protect her piggy brains. Nevertheless, I strapped it on her and off we went on our ride for today.

As we rode through the neighborhood, I stopped and talked with a friend for about twenty minutes. Sally became quite restless in the basket, and so we rode on. The wind was blowing quite heartily today, and I was having a hard time keeping up a decent speed. Several times, as I slowed down, Sally turned around in her basket and just gave me this LOOK. I couldn't believe it! I was pedaling as fast as I could into the wind, but it was simply too slow for her! She was so active in the basket that I had a difficult time keeping the handlebars heading forward. She even stood up (heart attack!) in the basket and put her front paws on the edge as she looked over the front wheel. I screeched at her to SIT DOWN. She did, but she just kept throwing me these....GLANCES....over her shoulder.

Okay, so next time I won't stop and visit anyone! Apparently bike time is "SALLY TIME" and I had better go as fast as I can to make the experience full and complete for her. (pant pant pant.....that's ME not her!!)

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